Where is Your Identity?

How can parents encourage kids to put their identity in Christ all the while being committed to school, sports, etc. etc.? Kelli winsomely points us parents to truth as we aim to do the same for our kids.
Focused Batter

And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17

Our calendars have squares and lines to keep our days in order.  Our to-do lists have boxes to check off.  Our kids have specific uniforms and equipment for each sport.  Folders in school keep our classes separated.  Everything we do and are a part of seems to have a compartment.

The temptation is to put Jesus in a Sunday morning slot on the calendar and, if there is time, a mid-week Bible study.  It seems acceptable to pray to Him before the game, but too often we leave Him on the sidelines.  We tend to let our uniforms define us, not the God Who creates us.  And when we do this, there is a void.

A void is not what God intends for us, a FULL life is what He intends.   He steps into our lives to make sure that happens.  And when He steps in, He is ALL in.  He is on the field and at desk during the test, He goes with us to church services and to the store, He is there in the morning and every moment until the sun rises again.   We can’t put Him in a compartment or on a to do list.  His intended identity becomes ours:  A child of The One and Only God!

1.  Look at everything we do as an opportunity to rely on, learn from, give glory to God.  If we put our identity in Him, then the things we are a part of become richer.   Our practice isn’t just to hit balls, it’s to show others Jesus.  School isn’t just classes, days, and years ticking by, it’s gaining knowledge and skills that will be used to further His kingdom. 

2. When our identity is solely in Jesus, our perspective on successes and failures will seem purposeful and not only emotional.   We can be focused on how He created us, what His plan is for us and that each high and low is a part of the life He has gifted us.

Each year on the first day of school, our youngest endures the endless, reoccurring comments, “Oh!  You are Jase and Libby’s sister”.   It is who she is, it is her identity as a Boyd.   Let us strive to hear, “Oh! You love Jesus.  You are a child of God”.  Let that be who we are, who our identity is:  a Christian.

Camper Corner:

Let’s Think Twice.  Think back to your last practice or performance or class.  How could you see Jesus as a part of that? 

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Kelli Boyd

Kelli Boyd leads our Summer Family Camps at the end of summer. A 1993 graduate of "Axe'em Jacks" SFA, Kelli has given more than 12 years service to the kids and families at T Bar M Camps. Upon graduating, Kelli pursued her career in teaching first graders for three years while still dedicating her summers to T Bar M Sports Camp. We finally wised up and we convinced her to join us full time in 1996 where she took on the position of our first Women's Director ... it was the perfect...

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