What are God's Office Hours?

Life is better with Jesus...when we're daily being mindful of His presence. He has such richness of life to offer us it'd be a cryin' shame to only cash in on that on Sundays! Kelli shows us how to stay connected with our Savior each and every day.
Chillin with Jesus

And He said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  Luke 9:23

What if God decided to have office hours?  What if He decided to be available from 8:00-12:00 on Sundays only?

Just four hours a week to talk to Him, to hear what He has to say about His peace and promises, to be reminded He is in control … just 240 minutes to be with Jesus.

That sounds like a horrible idea.  Yet, we have created office hours for Him on our own.  If God hung out a sign, we would protest and BEG Him to be eternally available.   Good thing that God does not have horrible ideas and that God does not have office hours.   He is walking with us daily … and we have the honor of walking with Him daily.

But how?

  1. Pause. Each Sunday, we pause to spend time with Jesus.  Let’s do that daily.   Dig into His Word, talk with Him, sit still and allow Him to talk with you.
  2. Look.  God is in each and every day of our lives.  Look for Him.  Look for what sweet small moments He gives you.  Look for the people He puts in your path.  Look for His support in the hard moments.  Look for Him.  He is there.
  3. Talk.  Talk to Him throughout your day, about your day.  Talk to others about Him and what He means to you.
  4. Serve.  We are the hearts and hands of Jesus every day, not just Sundays.  When you help, serve, encourage, love others … you show them Jesus.  And you get a front row view of Him too. 

 John 10:10 says “ I have come to give you life abundantly”.   It does not say, I have come to give you abundant Sundays”.   Our sweet Savior wants each of our days to be lived with Him and for Him. He has MORE than done His part … it’s time for us to step in and join the life He has for us … every single day.


Camper Corner:

Think Twice:  How have you seen Jesus today?

Look ahead:  When will you take time to be with Jesus tomorrow?

About The Author

Kelli Boyd

Kelli Boyd leads our Summer Family Camps at the end of summer. A 1993 graduate of "Axe'em Jacks" SFA, Kelli has given more than 12 years service to the kids and families at T Bar M Camps. Upon graduating, Kelli pursued her career in teaching first graders for three years while still dedicating her summers to T Bar M Sports Camp. We finally wised up and we convinced her to join us full time in 1996 where she took on the position of our first Women's Director ... it was the perfect...

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