How to Help Your Child with Healthy Study Habits

Do you have a child who doesn't really need to study or a child who has to work extra hard just to make a passing grade? Madi shows us how helping our kids develop healthy study habits no matter where they fall on this spectrum can set them up for great success in life.
Great Study Spot

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

I will forever be grateful for the impact my dad made on me regarding my study habits. I can think back to elementary through high school and know the way I studied then had such an effect on the way I studied while in college.

School was not easy for me. I have dyslexia and had to work hard to earn my grades. I always envied the students who could say “I didn’t study at all for this!” and would end up getting an A on the test. It wasn’t until college when I realized the value of the study habits I had learned.

Our children grow up where academics are getting more challenging at younger ages. How can we help our children develop study habits benefitting them throughout their time in school?

Let’s focus on a few simple ways we can support our kids in this area of their life that can just be hard.

  1. Structure - Everyone benefits from having a little structure in their daily routine and even if our kids think they are the exception to that, they probably are not. Some people can focus right after school while other children have a more focused mind in the morning and might need to wake up an hour earlier to be able to be productive. Another structure tip is designating a study zone for each child. Again, this can vary for all children. Some of our children need quiet when studying and some kids need a little bit of noise to focus. As we figure out what each child needs, we can help them find their own study spot at home! Sit down with your kids this week and, talk through the best time and place for them to study.
  2. Review - Reviewing notes is such an important step in studying and this is a great area for us to step in and help. Rereading and quizzing our children will allow them to gain a better understanding of the information they are trying to learn. Rereading all the notes from the previous sections can help students build the information into their brain as they continue to add more. We should also encourage our children to reread their study material right before bed, this is scientifically proven to help your brain memorize the information in which you are learning.
  3. Encourage - When I think back to my childhood this is the one thing I remember most about how my dad helped me study. He always encouraged me. No matter what subject and what grade I received, my dad would always say to me, “if you tried your best leading up to the test and during, then that is what I am proud of.” I felt safe that I could come home, whether I received a 100 or an 80 on a test, and my dad would be proud of me. Our children need to know we believe in them and care about them including in school. Our children need to know their value and worth is not in their grades; yes, we want them to succeed, but we want to encourage them in the effort in what they do.

We have the ability to love and support our children while they walk through school for the next big chunk of their lives. May we all encourage our children well!

Camper Corner:

Read the verse at the top of this devotional. Are there ways you could improve how you study at home? Talk through with your parents the best place, time and way you like to study. 

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