Seth McCord

Team Director

Seth is now on his 7th roll as an employee of T Bar M Camps and finally a full-time employee!  Let's just say, "He ain't from around here." Seth could claim many homes, but he chooses to rep Chicago (home of real pizza) as his official home.  He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL where he majored in Youth Ministry.  During his freshmen year of college he came to Camp Travis to work as a coach not knowing that he would spend the next 6 following summers at camp.  He was backwards though in his timing as he spent the winter in Chicago and the summers in Texas, so upon his graduation he came to camp and was a member of our Timothy Team.

Following Tim Team it was a time for Seth to "grow up", so he married his college sweetheart Haley and they moved to Missouri. In Missouri they disciple teens with a ministry called K-Life while also working in the local school district.  Even though they were in Missouri Seth and Haley could not escape the pull of camp and they came back to serve in the kitchen for two summers.  2014 was going to be Seth and Haley's year to "really grow up", so they had their first child, Jeremiah and decided to not come back to camp.  Absence must have made the heart grow fonder as Camp called and the McCord family came running to Texas to minister to a unique people group, "Texans." Seth and Haley are thrilled to continue to disciple and love people through T Bar M.

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