Jennifer Adams

Family Matters Editor

Jen's love for camp began back in '96 when God showed her how fun and Jesus go together as a Sports Camp coach.  After securing the title "Princess McMurry" at McMurry University, Jen and her husband Cole worked at camp during the summers while investing in kids in public schools during the rest of the year.  In 2003 their family jumped on board as full time staff.  Some say she's pretty crazy about the Senior Director of Finance and Administration

Jen enjoys keeping up relationships with our alumni staff and publishing Family Matters.  This is in the midst of holding down (term used loosely!) the home front for, a helpful fashionista, Mr. Intensity, a friendly skater dude, and a witty fire cracker...aka Kate, Leighton, Lance, and Layne.  Jen runs, eats cookie dough and laughs at herself often to help her realize the many blessings God brings her way.

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