Dudley Callison



Dudley is uniquely qualified & gifted to lead T Bar M. From his education & experience, to his skills & insights, there is a ministry-heartbeat woven throughout Dudley's background. Dudley served for 9 years as President/CEO of Communitas International, an international church planting ministry based in Littleton, Colorado. Prior to that, Dudley's work experience ranges from President/CEO of Shelterwood Academy (treatment center for at-risk teens), to college & camp ministries,  to donor development, to church pastor. Since 2006 he has served as a consultant to the T Bar M ministry in multiple ways. T Bar M already has a history of being blessed by Dudley's staff training, leadership development, Coach-speaking, pastoral care, and devotional writing. 

Dudley holds a Masters in Educational Psychology, and a Bachelors in Psychology from Baylor University.  He is a credentialed Christian Non-Profit Leader from the Christian Leadership Alliance.  He is a licensed professional counselor and an ordained minister.

Dudley and his wife, Laura, have two daughters, Molly & Claire, longtime T Bar M campers. Dudley and his family own more T Bar M apparel than any other brand of clothing. His international ministry partners have long since believed that T Bar M is his corporate sponsor.

Email: [email protected]

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