Colleen Thiel

Friends of Camp Representative

Colleen's love for the Christian Camping ministry began in college when she worked four summers at Pine Cove as a counselor and intern. After marrying Dave in 1982, she worked at T Bar M Camps as the Women's Director and was on the Outdoor Adventure team. While living in Atlanta, Colleen would drive their children, Jonathan and Emily to camp each summer. They also were All-Stars and coaches at Camp Travis. Jonathan and Emily, now grown, live and work in Atlanta.

For Colleen and Dave, it is a great joy and privilege coming back to TBarM all these years later after living in Dallas, Green Bay, Wisconsin (Dave and Colleen's home state) and Atlanta (for 15 yrs.). Colleen works part time helping Kelli (Boyd) organize Friends of Camp. This is a core team of camp moms in major cities who help us improve our serve and promote our mission, by offering advice, counsel and feedback.

For fun Colleen enjoys trying new recipes, doing anything outside and loves a great Latte at a coffee shop with a friend.

Devotionals by Colleen Thiel

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