Colby Warren

Camp Travis Men's Director

After calling the hogs for most of his childhood, Colby grasped, for the first time as a camper at Kanakuk Kamps, that there was something bigger and better than the Razorbacks - JESUS! Like any faithful Hot Springs native, Colby attended the University of Arkansas and worked towards a degree in Communication when he wasn't busy fishing or playing sports. It was during his collegiate years that his T Bar M journey began, spending five summers working at Camp Travis, which he considers some of his most cherished memories of life. After graduating, Colby spent four years in the oil and gas industry and two years working for a start-up before his T Bar M family wooed him back in 2019 to model how to live for Jesus in t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Our King is on the move, and camp seems to be a place where His footprints are seen time and time again. That thought gets Colby more fired up than fishing on a trout river in the mountain west, and he is so looking forward to being a part of the summers to come.

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