Ben Clark

Groups Programs Director

Ben packed his bags in 2008 and moved to Texas, thinking he would only spend one summer at T Bar M Camps. God had other plans, though, and thankfully, Ben kept returning. He is now serving year round with T Bar M Camps and is officially a Texan. Born in California and raised in Colorado, Ben's only previous knowledge about Texas came from his experience each winter as Texans flocked to the ski slopes clad in anything but winter-proof clothing.

After finishing his degree at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, Ben was selected to serve on our Timothy Team. This was a great time for Ben to fully understand more about the Texan lifestyle and the impact T Bar M Camps has throughout the year. He considered it an honor when he was asked to join T Bar M full-time as one of our Programs Directors. Ben is passionate about stealing others away from their normal environment, whether it is for a few days or only a few hours, to give them a glimpse of the joy that camp has brought into his own life.

When he is not on the ropes course or helping groups plan their trips to camp, you can find him cooking up a new dish in the kitchen, or enjoying the outdoors (hiking, backpacking or laying in a hammock).

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